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Curvy fruit, the Original Aguaje Products are directly from the Peruvian Amazon. We provide you with 100% pure and natural Aguaje fruit capsules and powder since 2010 with more than 5 Thousand Orders shipped around the world. Aguaje, the Curvy fruit is the completely Natural way, to get beautiful curves.It is said that Peruvians women’s beautiful curves are achieved because during puberty they ate an amazon local fruit called Aguaje which is very rich in phytoestrogens 

Phytoestrogen is a natural hormone which can be found abundantly in Aguaje. When the fruit is consumed by women's the phytoestrogens are recognize by their body as if they were real estrogen. More Estrogen causes sexier curves, and bigger breast, hips and booty. Since this natural hormone has the property to imitate estrogen it helps women achieve bigger Breast, Hips & Booty !

It means not only will you have beautiful curves, but you will have beautiful hair skin and nails. Vitamins E and C are also antioxidants which means, you will have a healthy immune system as well ! We are the Only company that have a special agreement with farmers on the Peruvian Amazon (Palcazu valley) this ensures you get only the Top quality Aguaje fruit from all our products. 

Try our Aguaje + Maca 3 combination to enhance your butt and hips (Curvy Pack or Maca Pack)  or the Aguaje + Wild Hinojo combination for beautiful and firm breast ! if you are looking for the Ultimate Results  then don’t miss the all New Love My Curves Pack that includes our 3 products !

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