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The Aguaje Fruit is a 100% Natural Way to Shape and Define your Sexy Curves within months ! Aguaje CurvyFruit was the First product from our company in 2010 and it has been given real results to hundreds of girls around the World!

The most valuable asset of the Aguaje from Curvyfruit is his high content  of Phytoestrogens ,Vitamins, and minerals that enhance internal and external health of body, skin and hair helping you to get the desired sexy curves in a 100% Natural way

They are a group of chemicals found in some kind of plants or fruits that can act like natural “estrogen”, reminding that this hormone is involved in developing  women sexual characteristics like Butt, Breast and Hips

Phytoestrogens can be recognized by  metabolism  as if they were real  women’s estrogen  since this  natural hormones has the particularity to imitate them.
Aguaje "Curvy Fruit"  can help you  to improve and  develop a curvier body in a 100% Natural Way without any surgery in a short time!

  Phytostrogens are also involved in thickening  the endometrium and other aspects of regulating the menstrual cycle  so aguaje can also help you on regulating the period and avoid Premenstrual syndrome pains

Aguaje Powder or Capsules?

A frequently asked question from our buyers is if there is any differences between the Aguaje Powder and the Aguaje capsules (Pills)  or also which is one is more effective?

The answer is : They are Exactly the same Product! since we guarantee that our capsules are made using exactly the same powder that we produce using pure 100% Aguaje Fruit.

However when using the powder you get an advantage versus the capsules: you can take a higher dosage in an easier way! that is why our Aguaje powder is Now labeled as DOUBLE DOSAGE since you can take 1000 mg of powder at once and mix it with your favorite shake!

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