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Maca 3

Maca 3 is the First Maca Capsules ONLY for Women  who want to focus their progress while using the Aguaje into the Butt and Hips zone. Maca3 combines 3 particular maca kinds: Red, Black and yellow each one with specific properties for women that will help  to enhance your beauty , protect your body and get the desired curves in a short time!

The first point to consider is To grow your butt bigger and to develop a curvier figure you must be aware that your body needs protein, nutrients and vitamins, all which are found excessively in Maca3. The main Maca3 property is based on the way the 3 kinds of Maca (red, black and yellow) will work in connection with the endocrine system which is in charge of regulating the hormonal balance into the body ( determined by the physical needs of an individual). This is especially true because of the Black Maca in Maca3 which contains the highest level of DHEA. DHEA is the # 1 hormone needed for a bigger butt.So when DHEA is combined with the phytoestrogens of the Aguaje the blood that will flow into the butt zone will be full of protein, nutrients, vitamins and estrogen that will nourish the muscles and skin to develop a fuller and rounded big butt.

In addition , another best thing about Maca3  is that  it helps in workout performance, endurance, stamina, strength and muscle gain !

How many times have you read online or heard some one say, that if you are not an hourglass or pear figure you can never have nice hips because your hip bone is naturally narrow? Well that's wrong! There is a muscle called the tensor fasciae latae or TFL for short, that runs along the side of your hip, when the muscle is weak it lays flat making hips look narrow but when the muscle is strong and big it creates a beautiful sexy curve. Maca3 is amazing for feeding not only your butt muscles but also the TFL.

Maca3 is available in 2 presentations: Pills and Powder. Maca3 powder could be put into any shakes,yogurt,milk, juices, tea or any other drinks . A common choice for using Maca3 powder is at fruit smoothies. Put in 1/2 tablespoons powder into a blender or food processor with a banana, fat free yogurt, frozen blueberries and a dash of sugar-cinnamon for your delicious start to your day.

For those always  on the go a lot, Maca3 pills are another choice. These are typically  pills full of Maca3 powder (550 mg). You obtain all the advantages of our Maca3 in a easily transportable method. This will make pills perfect for traveling.

Actually even when both products are exactly the same thing : 100% pure Gelatinized Maca root powder you should consider that our powder is  DOUBLE DOSAGE since each half teaspoon have 1000 mg of powder on it making it easier to take higher dosages

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