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hello i purchase the maca 3 ,3 weeks ago and i see amazing results already.I dont even know where to start this product has done so much for me in so little time..... Ive been suffering from anxiety for bout a year now but i refuse to take the prescribe medicine from the doctor.I read in the blog how the maca 3 helps with depression & anxiety and i was like ok thats cool if it helps but if it dont i wasnt worried about it because my main purpose was to buy the product for hips and a bigger butt..since i been on these pills taking them 2x a day it has calm my mind like never before ,my butt has been lifted out of this world and my hips are spreading so perfect and the people around me have notice, but im not telling them my secret...i have so much energy its unbelievable....im speechless about far as the wonders it has worked in the bedroom.
Buyer:  Melissa, Sharon Hill, PA
When I first started in the spring of 2010 I did it for 3 months straight and I loved the results I was getting so I have decided to start back again and this time I'm going full throttle and doing it right this time

Buyer :  Charmaine -Newark, NJ

I would like to say that u have the best product. I thought it wasn't going to work, I thought it was a scam at first..... But the Aguaje n the Maca really work it's takes a few months to c results ladies, but don't give up on the booty that u want, I went from a size 3/4 to a size 8 n I'm loving it.....Best of Luck to all! !!!!!!!!

Buyer :  Sandy -Linden, NJ

I go with the powder i'm taking it with maca root I have had success I started taking them last year back in april in with in a few months I went from a size 7 to a size 12 in jeans my thighs,hip and booty gotten bigger I have always had a booty I lost it when I was dieting and excising 24/7 so I decided to take maca root & aguaje to gain my curves back people who know me male and female noticed and told me my booty has gotten bigger. I mix both supplements together in apple sauce or yogurt

Buyer : Stephanie - Washington ,DC

OMG !! I have used aguaje before but this time it is making my breast grow so fast and I never have breast 

Buyer:   Latavia - Arlington, TX

" I once ordered ( because I figured it would take less time ) From Phenomenal Curves. And it was HORRIBLE. No results. I explained that I truly believe that the formula was mixed. I ended up giving the pills away to a friend. I posted this on BHM. Alot of people were upset at what I said, but at the time I felt it was true. I guess at that time it was only a couple weeks into taking it. However, months later.. nothing. You have the best product. Period. People know this. But when I heard that negative news I was afraid. I'm so excited. I only bought a small order to test the water. I haven't order any aguaje for a loonnnggg time. But now I will be able to order more often"

Buyer : Cherie - Tampa,FL

"It's been 14 days of me taking the pills and I can actually see the results... I'm so excited... I am doing a lil bit of swats a day...I can't believe how awesome this product is... I don't get sick and there's no side effect.. I gain about a half of inch on my butt in four days... I am taking them 3 times a day...‏"

Buyer : Latoya - Philadelphia, PA 

"I have used aguaje since 1/2011 and I love your products! I am more curvier and I've received many compliments! Thank you for producing quality products"

Buyer: Angie -Anaheim, CA 

"As many herbs that I have been taking, plus the money I waste buying them, I have to say that the Aguaje Curvy Fruit works pretty fast and actually has visible results."

Buyer : Atrina - Cleveland, OH

"I was a bit of a skeptical and not sure if it was worth the money. I am happy to say it works and I just placed my second order for a 3 months’ supply."

Buyer : Cassy- Miami, FL

"This is really a great product... It really works and you get your money's worth..."

Buyer : Tasha - Indiana , IN

"I've tried butt exercises and everything else... It really works!!"

Buyer:  Karen L. - Portland, OR

"Please rush my re-order of Aguaje I'm even buying some for a friend this time..."

Buyer:  Tamara - San Diego, CA

"If you want a sexy round booty, try the Aguaje capsules! You'll truly be amazed at the results!! My husband was :) !"

Buyer: Diana S. – NY

"I am only in my second month of using the Aguaje powder and I already can see a significant difference. I must be a fast res ponder!"

Buyer: Sherriel O.- Orlando,FL